Keep in Mind These Wedding Etiquette Tips

We know wedding etiquette is not even by far as huge as it used to be – but even so, there are still at least some rules that make sense today (and should be followed by all those who want to make sure nobody at their wedding will be offended in any way).

What are some of the most essential wedding etiquette tips to remember for your Big Day? We have gathered them right here – so read on and find out more.


  • Be very considerate when you create the wedding registry. It’s perfectly fine to include all those typical wedding registry items everyone’s familiar with (such as the “classic” china set). However, it is absolutely important to make sure you include items of varying price ranges too. You don’t want anyone invited at your wedding to feel bad for not having a lot of money to spend on the gift – so offer them the opportunity to buy you something you genuinely like!
  • As you may know, organizing a receiving line is not mandatory anymore. HOWEVER, it is still very important to meet and greet each guest – so take your time to stop by each table and chit-chat with everyone. It will make all of your guests feel very important to you!
  • Think of your bridesmaids when choosing their attire for the Big Day. Sure, you will want to coordinate their dresses with your gown, with the wedding, and with the color scheme as well. Beyond that though, you should also consider your bridesmaids’’ silhouettes and body types, as well as their general preferences. The best way to do this is by giving them clear guidelines on what to wear, but leaving them with a bit of freedom of choice too (e.g. colors in the same range, all dresses at the same length, but with different necklines, and so on).

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Photo source: Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography on Unsplash