Add some sparkle to your wedding

A bit of sparkle never hurt anyone, right? Of course, when it comes to a wedding, we all know just a tad of glitz is more than welcome – but how do you actually incorporate it in a tasteful and stylish way?

We have some tips and ideas for you – so read on if you need some inspiration.

Tamara Wendt Events

  • The centerpieces. Of course, you don’t have to spray-paint your pretty roses in glitter (although, of course, you can do that too). However, covering short vases in glitter (gold, rose gold and/or silver) will look absolutely splendid, regardless of the blooms you choose to place inside.
  • Table runners. Looking to add a dash of beauty and sparkle to your tables? Table runners are an easy way to do this – either by placing them on top of a simple table cloth, or by placing them on the “naked” tables themselves (the last option is ideal for a rustic-chic wedding). Furthermore, your shiny table runners don’t have to be all sequins if you are not a fan of the idea – they can also be delicately “sprinkled” with glitter or with shiny patterns on them.
  • Chair covers. If you want to make your wedding chairs stand out in a really stylish way, cover them with something sparkly – they will look absolutely mesmerizing. Some of you may think doing this with all the chairs is a bit too much – and if that is the case, you can always resume yourself to the wedding party chairs only (or, why not, just the sweetheart chairs).

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