Chocolate Wedding Cakes Are IN!

Long gone are the days of white wedding gowns and pink satin bridesmaids’ dresses. Sure, you can always opt for these classics if they define you and your personal style – but beyond that, most of the old-school wedding traditions are not mandatory anymore.

Take your wedding cake, for example. Once a minimum three-tier white cake with a pretty bride-and-groom topper, your average wedding cake these days is, well…nothing average. From small to extra-large, from pies to cupcakes, from ice-cream to fondant, and from naked to buttercream, there’s a myriad of options you can choose from – and chocolate is (thank God!) one of them.

What are some of the very best chocolate wedding cakes to inspire you? Here are some ideas:

chadilaksono - chocolate cake#cho

  • Three colors. Want to make sure you satisfy all of your wedding guests? Opt for a three-tier wedding cake in three colors: a very dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white buttercream. We guarantee the cake will be a huge success – both from a visual point of view and, of course, from the point of view of its taste as well!
  • Decadent sculptures. Want a really fancy wedding cake? Opt for a chocolate one, decorated with chocolate arabesques. It will look breathtaking and it will surely attract all of your guests’ praise!
  • Nature-inspired. In love with all those pretty naked cakes, but not ready to give up on the delicious chocolate frosting? You can have a cake that belongs to both “worlds”! Talk to your pastry chef about creating a chocolate-covered cake with a rustic accent to it and fresh flowers and greenery as decorations. Simple, beautiful and pure!

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