Don’t Forget to Budget for These Wedding Elements!

Of course, we know very well you have a thousand-and-one things on your “to do” list. However, your wedding budget should never fall last in terms of priority – on the contrary, actually. With wedding prices going up and with this event being really huge in your life, you will definitely want to make sure you don’t forget to budget for some of the most important wedding elements. For example, do make sure you take into consideration the following:


  • All those pre-wedding details. You want your “bridesmaids’ proposal” to be really nice – but have you budgeted for this as well? Also, did you know there’s a fee you have to pay for the marriage license itself? The pre-wedding details may not seem like much – but it is highly important that you create a budget for these elements.
  • Depending on how many invitations you want to send and on how large/bulky they are, you should also expect to pay quite the sum for postage as well. Of course, these costs should go on your wedding budget spreadsheet too
  • Wedding dress alterations. It doesn’t matter what size you wear: it is more than likely that you will need to alter your wedding gown. Be sure to jot this down on your list of wedding costs!
  • The “morning of”. Aside from makeup and hair, you will also have to take into account other wedding costs connected to the “morning of”. For instance, if you want to spend the night at a hotel close to your wedding venue, consider the price of the room (and the price of your bridal squad’s rooms as well).

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Photo source:  Jin.Dongjun