Classy Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Fall in Love With

You are not obliged to offer wedding favors, but it can definitely be a really nice gesture for the people who have chosen to spend their time with you. Of course, you will probably want to skip the kitschy refrigerator magnets with your picture and the over-used homemade cupcakes – but what else is there to offer as wedding favor?

The answer? A lot. There is a myriad of superb gifts you can offer your guests, and they can definitely suit a classy wedding. To help you with this, we have gathered some inspirational ideas – so read on if you want to make your guests actually happy with their favors.


  • Planning a navy-inspired wedding or a beach wedding? Golden compasses have something magical and story-like about them – and you can find decent-looking models for good prices, especially when purchased in bulk. If you want to personalize them, you can add your wedding monogram on them – they will still look classy, elegant, and beautiful!


  • Salt and pepper shakers. Black and white, he/she, turtle doves, simple shakers personalized with your monogram – the options are limitless, so don’t be afraid to get creative. Guests will definitely love these adorable additions to their kitchen!


  • Wine stopper. Speaking of wine, there are some gorgeous wine stopper designs as well – and this type of wedding favor is more than suitable for a romantic, vintage wedding. Such a useful and beautiful gift!


  • Personalized notebooks. Everyone loves pretty stationery – so why not create a really classy-looking design for mini-notebooks your guests can take home? We guarantee they will love these wedding favors!

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Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse on Unsplash

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash