Important Tips to Know When Negotiating with Vendors

Obviously, you want to hire the best wedding vendors to help you with the Big Day. But how do you do that – and maybe even more importantly, what are the main tips to know when negotiating with different wedding specialists?

We have gathered some of the most important ones right below – so read on and find out more.


  • Do your homework. Of course, you are entitled to negotiate the rates you want to offer your wedding vendors. However, offering something that’s way too low (much lower than the entire market) will only lead to disaster. It is far better to negotiate a little less than the industry average and have something reliable to “stand” on when discussing with your wedding specialists!


  • Understand that when you don’t want to walk away from a negotiation, your power is significantly lower. Be aware of the fact that there are other vendors out there and that you always show open-mindedness (both towards the vendor you are negotiating with and towards their competition). The more you know this, the more ground for negotiation you have.


  • Be nice and polite. There’s no point in being rude with anyone. These vendors are there, discussing with you, because they want to help you have a really nice wedding day. Now, they might not be the most suitable ones from a style or budget-related point of view – but even so, they deserve to be treated nicely. Yelling, threatening, and being generally impolite can only lead to disaster, even if (and especially) if you end up hiring the person in front of you.

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