How to Include Your Mom in the Wedding

All mothers are superheroes – but yours is special. She is the one that gave you life, raised you, and embraced you with all of her love and attention. She is the one who will cry the most at your wedding, and also the one who understands best what you are going through as you walk down the aisle. She deserves to be treated more than royally – and for more than one reason!

How to include your mom in the wedding? We have some tips and ideas for you – continue reading if you want to find out more.


  • Ask her to help you with the wedding favors. If you have to pack, wrap, and writ the labels, your mom will be there for you. Don’t let small wedding tasks like these overwhelm you – ask your mom to help out. She will be more than delighted to do it!
  • Give her the bouquet. Let’s face it, tossing the bouquet is frequently considered an outdated practice – so, unless you want to keep it really traditional, you could do a wonderful gesture and offer your mom the bridal bouquet once the ceremony is over. Beware, though: tears will fall!
  • Include something from her wedding. Honor your parents’ love story by including something from their wedding. It may be a simple picture hanging on the wall of your venue, your mother’s cake topper, her wedding song, or even (parts of) her wedding gown. Whatever you choose, it will definitely add a nuance of sentimentalism and beauty to the Big Day!

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