Are They the Right Vendors?

As you may very well know it, working with the right wedding vendors is absolutely crucial when you want to make sure your Big Day is perfect from A to Z. Sure, researching the wedding specialists in your area and interviewing them may not seem that big of a hassle – but how do you actually know when you have found the ones, the vendors who will actually make your dream wedding come true?

We have some tips to help you know the moment you have hired the perfect wedding specialists – so read on and find out more.


  • They listen to you, they understand your wedding ideal, and they help you find new ideas to incorporate in the Big Day. In other words, you and your wedding vendors are on the same page, regardless of whether they are florists, photographers, or any other type of event and wedding specialists.


  • They are OK with your budget and they actually help you make the most of it. Contrary to the popular belief, good wedding vendors will not make you go over your budget – they will genuinely want to help you stay within it! The reason they do this is very simple: your happiness matters to them more than anything else!


  • Working with them is a pleasure. They don’t just say “no” to your ideas, they are open to negotiations, and, overall, they are kind, loveable, and even funny. They make the entire wedding planning process easier, smoother, and more relaxing, so that you can genuinely enjoy everything about your pre-wedding months.

Looking for a wedding planner who meets and exceeds their clients’ demands each and every single time? Contact Tamara Wendt Events. We are here to help brides and grooms breathe life into their Big Day ideas. We are here to make you happy on your wedding day!