What Will YOU Do with the Dress Once the Wedding Is Over?

Finding the perfect wedding dress is every bride’s dream – but have you wondered what happens with all the wedding gowns once the Big Day is over?

Well, there are quite a lot of things you can do with your dress after the wedding – and following, we have gathered some of the most frequently encountered situations. Read on if you need a bit of post-wedding inspiration!


  • You can sell it. There are a lot of brides who will be more than happy to purchase a beautiful slightly worn wedding dress. After all, it’s only been worn once, for a few hours – and if it’s a designer label, it is more than likely that many budget-friendly brides will be interested in purchasing it.
  • You can donate it. If you don’t necessarily need the money, you can absolutely donate the dress to a bride who cannot afford one. This is a huge gesture and it will definitely make someone’s Big Day brighter, happier, and more unique!


  • You can store it. A lot of wedding gowns end up preserved (in a box, and sometimes even in a frame). This is the ideal solution if you want to have a beautiful souvenir from the most amazing day of your life.
  • You can pass it on. Dreaming of having a baby girl? Or maybe you want your younger sister(s) or cousin(s) to be able to use your dress on their own Big Day? You can always preserve your dress and offer it to a relative who’s getting married.
  • You can totally trash it. Let’s admit it: trash the dress photo shootings are absolutely spectacular – and if you’re brave enough to do this, you will definitely love the pictures created in this style. A unique addition to your wedding album!

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