Last Minute Guest List Changes? Handle Them Gracefully With These Tips

Your guest list is absolutely crucial for the success of your wedding day. This is why you send out Save the Date cards, invitations, and wait for RSVPs. Yet, sometimes, no matter how much planning goes into this, there might still be slight guest list changes that happen at the very last minute.

How do you handle them – and more importantly, how do you deal with them in a way that will make the new guests on the list not feel like they’re an “extra”? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

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  • The key to handling surprise-guests is making sure you plan for them before you even know they might show up at the wedding. In other words, always be sure to have a plan B in store, just in case a cousin you didn’t invite (or didn’t RSVP) will actually come at your wedding.
  • For example, it is always recommended to order more escort cards (with the “extra” ones being in blank, so that you can write the names of whoever turns up at your wedding). This will help you accommodate them and make them feel welcomed.


  • Furthermore, you should also make sure to order enough food as well. In general, it is advised that brides and grooms plan for more servings than the actually confirmed guest list.
  • As for seating, you should go over the seating chart once again, a couple of weeks before the wedding. Is there any table where you could squeeze in another person? Jot these down, just in case you have to handle an unexpected guest.

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  • Last, but definitely not least, remember to print out the guest list and the seat they’re assigned to, so that your day-of coordinator can have it on hand. If someone’s seat changes, or if someone can’t find their escort card, your coordinator will be able to offer them a seat based on the printed list in front of their eyes.


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