Your Groom Wants to Look Perfect on the Big Day!

Some people may be tempted to believe it is only the bride who will be extra attentive with her wedding look. However, this is far from the truth!

As a matter of fact, grooms want to look good just as much as their partners do – so it is perfectly understandable why your SO may feel a little pressured to find a suit or tuxedo for the Big Day.

How can you help him? How can your groom find the perfect attire for the wedding day? We have some tips for him (and for you!) – so read on and find out more.


  • First and foremost, he should keep in mind that his attire should suit him from every single point of view – and not just personality-wise. The pants shouldn’t be too long or too short, the sleeves of the jacket should end just above the wrist, the shirt should perfectly cover the body. In other words, there should be no creases, no sagginess, and nothing that would be perceived as “too large” or “too small”. This is precisely why it is really important for your groom to attend his final fitting!


  • Furthermore, your groom’s suit or tuxedo should also fit the event’s level of formality. You cannot dress in a ballgown and ask everyone else to come dressed in black-tie attires if your groom wants to wear a tweed jacket – it will just not look good.


  • Last, but definitely not least, remind your groom to incorporate his own personality into the attire as well. Even the most formal tuxedoes can be brought to a more “personal” level with a beautiful pocket square, a meaningful pair of boutonnieres, or even a pair of fun socks.

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