This Unique Guestbook Idea Will Charm Everyone at Your Wedding

Having a guestbook is not absolutely mandatory – especially not today, when few wedding etiquette and tradition-related elements are compulsory. However, a wedding guestbook can be a very nice addition for someone who is sentimental and who wants to make sure they will remember their Big Day in a genuinely magical way.

So, what is the best guestbook idea for a very modern, yet unique wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.




  • Offer everyone to write down not in your guestbook, . It doesn’t have to be something very expensive or very complicated – just a simple notebook with blank pages and perhaps a personalized cover, so that your guests find this truly meaningful.
  • Instead of asking people to sign on the guestbook, ask them to write a special task for you – such as a bucket list item both you and your loved one will actually add to your personal lists. You can ask guests to share bucket list ideas based on a single topic (e.g. travel), or you can give them all the freedom they need.
  • Doing this is very special – both for the guests (because they will get to use their creativity) and for yourself as a couple. Imagine that you are sent into your married life together with a journal filled with wonderful ideas for fun and unforgettable moments! Now, that’s something all brides and grooms want for their wedding day!

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