Make Your Millennial Guests Feel Great with These Tips

If you are a bride-to-be, chances are you have a lot of friends pertaining to the so-called Millennial generation – and you definitely want to make them feel great at your wedding too.

How do you do that? What are the things Millennials genuinely enjoy at weddings? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • The vows. OK, these are obviously really important for you too – so you will want to put a lot of attention to detail in the way you create them. However, what may surprise you is that your Millennial friends and relatives are very much into this too. They love hearing a good, emotional, raw wedding vow!

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  • The venue. Millennials like hanging out, and they love it even more when there’s an interesting, beautiful place where they can do it. Choose your venue wisely – the setting, the atmosphere, and the very essence of your wedding will be defined by this.

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  • The big entrance. Make a grand entrance at your wedding and you’ll put your Millennial guests on a good mood from the very beginning. They really value uniqueness, just as you do – so don’t be afraid to add a lot of creativity to the “mix”.


  • The absolute wedding “trinity”: food, drinks, and music. Millennials may not care about the place cards, table settings, or even wedding exits. But they do love delicious food, good drinks and quality music – so focus on these three before anything else and you’ll make people happy at your wedding.


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