Wedding Invitation Rules Everyone Should Follow

Sending wedding invitations is one of the first and foremost important steps in the planning process – and it really needs to be done very well. What are some of the etiquette rules all brides and grooms should follow almost religiously when sending wedding invitations? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

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  • Handling plus-ones can be a delicate manner. On the one hand, tradition dictates that only those who are married or engaged get to bring in a plus-one. However, modern wedding etiquette allows people who are in a very serious relationship to bring a plus-one as well.
  • Your RSVP deadline should be about four weeks after the moment you mailed the invitations. However, this can be adjusted according to the type of wedding you’re having. If you plan on having a local wedding with almost no guests coming from out of town, you can set the RSVP at about 2 weeks after the moment you mailed them. If you want a destination wedding, you should allow for 12 weeks (as this will give everyone time to make arrangements and send back the RSVPs).
  • If you don’t want children to be invited at your wedding, make sure you don’t address the invitations to an entire family (so say “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, instead of “The Smith Family”). If, however, you receive RSVPs back that include the children as well, it’s probably best to make a personal phone call. Remember, this situation should be handled gently!
  • Ideally, you should invite all of the people who are dear to your heart – including guests you know from the very beginning that they will not be able to attend the wedding. Inviting them shows you care about them and it helps them send a gift if they want to because it will make it easier for them to find the registry information.


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