Your guest list is absolutely crucial for the success of your wedding day. This is why you send out Save the Date cards, invitations, and wait for RSVPs. Yet, sometimes, no matter how much planning goes into this, there might still be slight guest list changes that happen at the very last minute.

How do you handle them – and more importantly, how do you deal with them in a way that will make the new guests on the list not feel like they’re an “extra”? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

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  • The key to handling surprise-guests is making sure you plan for them before you even know they might show up at the wedding. In other words, always be sure to have a plan B in store, just in case a cousin you didn’t invite (or didn’t RSVP) will actually come at your wedding.
  • For example, it is always recommended to order more escort cards (with the “extra” ones being in blank, so that you can write the names of whoever turns up at your wedding). This will help you accommodate them and make them feel welcomed.


  • Furthermore, you should also make sure to order enough food as well. In general, it is advised that brides and grooms plan for more servings than the actually confirmed guest list.
  • As for seating, you should go over the seating chart once again, a couple of weeks before the wedding. Is there any table where you could squeeze in another person? Jot these down, just in case you have to handle an unexpected guest.

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  • Last, but definitely not least, remember to print out the guest list and the seat they’re assigned to, so that your day-of coordinator can have it on hand. If someone’s seat changes, or if someone can’t find their escort card, your coordinator will be able to offer them a seat based on the printed list in front of their eyes.


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Finding the perfect wedding dress is every bride’s dream – but have you wondered what happens with all the wedding gowns once the Big Day is over?

Well, there are quite a lot of things you can do with your dress after the wedding – and following, we have gathered some of the most frequently encountered situations. Read on if you need a bit of post-wedding inspiration!


  • You can sell it. There are a lot of brides who will be more than happy to purchase a beautiful slightly worn wedding dress. After all, it’s only been worn once, for a few hours – and if it’s a designer label, it is more than likely that many budget-friendly brides will be interested in purchasing it.
  • You can donate it. If you don’t necessarily need the money, you can absolutely donate the dress to a bride who cannot afford one. This is a huge gesture and it will definitely make someone’s Big Day brighter, happier, and more unique!


  • You can store it. A lot of wedding gowns end up preserved (in a box, and sometimes even in a frame). This is the ideal solution if you want to have a beautiful souvenir from the most amazing day of your life.
  • You can pass it on. Dreaming of having a baby girl? Or maybe you want your younger sister(s) or cousin(s) to be able to use your dress on their own Big Day? You can always preserve your dress and offer it to a relative who’s getting married.
  • You can totally trash it. Let’s admit it: trash the dress photo shootings are absolutely spectacular – and if you’re brave enough to do this, you will definitely love the pictures created in this style. A unique addition to your wedding album!

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As you may very well know it, working with the right wedding vendors is absolutely crucial when you want to make sure your Big Day is perfect from A to Z. Sure, researching the wedding specialists in your area and interviewing them may not seem that big of a hassle – but how do you actually know when you have found the ones, the vendors who will actually make your dream wedding come true?

We have some tips to help you know the moment you have hired the perfect wedding specialists – so read on and find out more.


  • They listen to you, they understand your wedding ideal, and they help you find new ideas to incorporate in the Big Day. In other words, you and your wedding vendors are on the same page, regardless of whether they are florists, photographers, or any other type of event and wedding specialists.


  • They are OK with your budget and they actually help you make the most of it. Contrary to the popular belief, good wedding vendors will not make you go over your budget – they will genuinely want to help you stay within it! The reason they do this is very simple: your happiness matters to them more than anything else!


  • Working with them is a pleasure. They don’t just say “no” to your ideas, they are open to negotiations, and, overall, they are kind, loveable, and even funny. They make the entire wedding planning process easier, smoother, and more relaxing, so that you can genuinely enjoy everything about your pre-wedding months.

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All mothers are superheroes – but yours is special. She is the one that gave you life, raised you, and embraced you with all of her love and attention. She is the one who will cry the most at your wedding, and also the one who understands best what you are going through as you walk down the aisle. She deserves to be treated more than royally – and for more than one reason!

How to include your mom in the wedding? We have some tips and ideas for you – continue reading if you want to find out more.


  • Ask her to help you with the wedding favors. If you have to pack, wrap, and writ the labels, your mom will be there for you. Don’t let small wedding tasks like these overwhelm you – ask your mom to help out. She will be more than delighted to do it!
  • Give her the bouquet. Let’s face it, tossing the bouquet is frequently considered an outdated practice – so, unless you want to keep it really traditional, you could do a wonderful gesture and offer your mom the bridal bouquet once the ceremony is over. Beware, though: tears will fall!
  • Include something from her wedding. Honor your parents’ love story by including something from their wedding. It may be a simple picture hanging on the wall of your venue, your mother’s cake topper, her wedding song, or even (parts of) her wedding gown. Whatever you choose, it will definitely add a nuance of sentimentalism and beauty to the Big Day!

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Obviously, you want to hire the best wedding vendors to help you with the Big Day. But how do you do that – and maybe even more importantly, what are the main tips to know when negotiating with different wedding specialists?

We have gathered some of the most important ones right below – so read on and find out more.


  • Do your homework. Of course, you are entitled to negotiate the rates you want to offer your wedding vendors. However, offering something that’s way too low (much lower than the entire market) will only lead to disaster. It is far better to negotiate a little less than the industry average and have something reliable to “stand” on when discussing with your wedding specialists!


  • Understand that when you don’t want to walk away from a negotiation, your power is significantly lower. Be aware of the fact that there are other vendors out there and that you always show open-mindedness (both towards the vendor you are negotiating with and towards their competition). The more you know this, the more ground for negotiation you have.


  • Be nice and polite. There’s no point in being rude with anyone. These vendors are there, discussing with you, because they want to help you have a really nice wedding day. Now, they might not be the most suitable ones from a style or budget-related point of view – but even so, they deserve to be treated nicely. Yelling, threatening, and being generally impolite can only lead to disaster, even if (and especially) if you end up hiring the person in front of you.

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You are not obliged to offer wedding favors, but it can definitely be a really nice gesture for the people who have chosen to spend their time with you. Of course, you will probably want to skip the kitschy refrigerator magnets with your picture and the over-used homemade cupcakes – but what else is there to offer as wedding favor?

The answer? A lot. There is a myriad of superb gifts you can offer your guests, and they can definitely suit a classy wedding. To help you with this, we have gathered some inspirational ideas – so read on if you want to make your guests actually happy with their favors.


  • Planning a navy-inspired wedding or a beach wedding? Golden compasses have something magical and story-like about them – and you can find decent-looking models for good prices, especially when purchased in bulk. If you want to personalize them, you can add your wedding monogram on them – they will still look classy, elegant, and beautiful!


  • Salt and pepper shakers. Black and white, he/she, turtle doves, simple shakers personalized with your monogram – the options are limitless, so don’t be afraid to get creative. Guests will definitely love these adorable additions to their kitchen!


  • Wine stopper. Speaking of wine, there are some gorgeous wine stopper designs as well – and this type of wedding favor is more than suitable for a romantic, vintage wedding. Such a useful and beautiful gift!


  • Personalized notebooks. Everyone loves pretty stationery – so why not create a really classy-looking design for mini-notebooks your guests can take home? We guarantee they will love these wedding favors!

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It’s easy to see how so many guests get lost between white tie and black tie events. After all, most of us are not born to wear clothes according to a dress code. If you add this to the fact that most etiquette rules are getting more and more relaxed, you can definitely see why a lot of people don’t actually understand what all those dress codes stand for.

So, what do they actually mean and how to guide your guests towards attires that are 100% suitable for your Big Day? Here are some tips both you and your guests will appreciate:


  • White Tie. Contrary to the popular belief, this is actually the most elegant dress code there is. Men are expected to wear a tuxedo and a white bow-tie, while ladies are expected to be ultra-formal in floor-length gowns that don’t exude too much of anything.
  • Black Tie. Slightly more relaxed than white tie events, these weddings require men to wear simple tuxedoes, while ladies are allowed to show a little more skin (but still wear floor-length gowns).
  • Black Tie Optional/ Formal. This is one of the most confusing dress codes in Western culture and fashion. In broad terms, this means your guests are allowed to wear either a suit or a tuxedo, respectively either a cocktail dress or a long formal gown. Some of them might even strike the perfect balance between the two (e.g. : a cascading gown with a shorter front and a longer back will be suitable for this type of wedding).


  • Dressy Casual. For the ladies, this means they can wear a dress slightly over the knees. For the gents, this dress code allows for a little more freedom (e.g. they might want to wear a vest and a pair of dress pants, without the coat).
  • This is the most relaxed dress code there is – but keep in mind, it does NOT mean anyone is allowed to wear jeans. Generally, men will be seen wearing casual pants and button-down shirts, while ladies will wear cocktail dresses (and even shorter dresses, without trespassing the border to clubbing outfits).


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You may have your favorite pieces of jewelry, and you definitely love wearing them and taking care of them – but truth be told, none of your accessories will ever be equal with your engagement and wedding rings. After all, these pieces go beyond just fashion – they are true statements of love and commitment, and you want to wear them for the many decades of beautiful marriage ahead of you.

Why insure your engagement ring, and what are some of the most important things to know about this? Read on and find out more.


  • You need insurance for your engagement ring because it will actually give you peace of mind. Depending on the exact clauses of your insurance policy, it may be able to cover you in a multitude of events – from damage brought to the ring’s stone to theft, loss, and even disappearance.
  • Engagement ring insurance doesn’t cost a lot – somewhere in between $1 and $2 per $100 worth of wedding ring. So, if your ring costs $1000, you can expect to pay up to $20 – which is really not much, considering the advantages.


  • When purchasing an engagement ring policy, do make sure you understand all the details of your contract. Different agencies offer different types of policies, and you should definitely know what your policy will actually cover.
  • To get an engagement ring insurance, you will need a certified appraisal that guarantees the specifications of the ring. Our advice is to get the insurance as soon as possible – as mentioned before, this is more than just a piece of jewelry, and you want to make sure it is covered regardless of what happens.

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You might be tempted to think picking the right wedding date is as simple as pointing a calendar. However, the (sad!) truth is that things tend to get more complicated than that when brides and grooms-to-be get down to action and start planning their Big Day.

How do you choose the perfect date for the perfect Big Day? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Take into consideration the basic weather information. What kind of weather are you expected to experience during particular times of the year? How will this differ if you want to plan your wedding abroad? Your wedding date dictates the kind of event you will have – so don’t rush into making a decision.
  • Furthermore, remember that the day of the week you choose can have a huge impact. For instance, a Sunday wedding is very likely to cost a lot less than a Saturday event – and it also means you will most likely have to set your wedding towards the beginning and middle of the day (ergo, less alcohol, less dancing, and a different type of décor).


  • Think of the holidays. Sure, a Christmas wedding sounds amazing – but how many of your guests will actually be able to attend? The same goes for the majority of the national and largely-celebrated holidays in the United States…
  • Make it meaningful. If possible, try to find a date that is meaningful for you – the day you first met, the day you first dated, or even one of your birthdays. You might not be able to coordinate this with venue and vendor availability, but if it’s close enough it will still add a beautiful layer of romanticism and sentimentalism to the entire Big Day.

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Wedding etiquette is much more permissive these days – but even so, many brides are troubled by a variety of questions when it comes to planning this huge event in their lives. For instance, many of you may be asking yourselves about alcohol-free weddings, whether this is an acceptable option, and what are the things you should know about them.

We have the answers – so read on if you want to learn more about alcohol-free weddings.


  • Your reasons for having an alcohol-free wedding might be personal and pertain to your beliefs, your lifestyle, or simply the fact that you will be having a breakfast wedding. In this case, having an alcohol-free wedding is a really good option and you should definitely go for it – in the end, this is your wedding, and these are your rules and there are a ton of mocktails and refreshments you can actually serve during an alcohol-free wedding!
  • On the other hand, your reasons for having an alcohol-free wedding may be connected to your limited budget. Yes, you will surely save a lot of money by eliminating the alcohol (and maybe only serving a glass of bubbly for the toasts). However, you should consider some other money-saving options before you completely settle on this one. From serving just beer and wine to attentively calculating the amount of alcohol you will need, there are many ways to shrink your alcohol bill – consider them first!
  • If, however, you do settle on having an alcohol-free wedding, be sure your guests will know this from the very beginning. You can write this on the invitations (or on your wedding website), so that everyone knows what to expect of the Big Day.

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