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Engagement Ring Insurance Tips Everyone Should Know

You may have your favorite pieces of jewelry, and you definitely love wearing them and taking care of them – but truth be told, none of your accessories will ever be equal with your engagement and wedding rings. After all, these pieces go beyond just fashion – they are true statements of love and commitment, […]

Did You Choose Your Wedding Date?

You might be tempted to think picking the right wedding date is as simple as pointing a calendar. However, the (sad!) truth is that things tend to get more complicated than that when brides and grooms-to-be get down to action and start planning their Big Day. How do you choose the perfect date for the […]

Everything You Need to Know about Alcohol-Free Weddings

Wedding etiquette is much more permissive these days – but even so, many brides are troubled by a variety of questions when it comes to planning this huge event in their lives. For instance, many of you may be asking yourselves about alcohol-free weddings, whether this is an acceptable option, and what are the things […]

The Key to an Unforgettable Rehearsal Dinner

Although some couples may not give much importance to this, the rehearsal dinner is, in fact, part of the Big Day “previews”. Therefore, you will surely want to create a special atmosphere there, and then leave guests wanting for more for the following day, the Big One. What is the key to an unforgettable rehearsal […]

Chocolate Wedding Cakes Are IN!

Long gone are the days of white wedding gowns and pink satin bridesmaids’ dresses. Sure, you can always opt for these classics if they define you and your personal style – but beyond that, most of the old-school wedding traditions are not mandatory anymore. Take your wedding cake, for example. Once a minimum three-tier white […]

Tips for choosing a photographer for your wedding

Every second of your wedding day is bound to be totally unforgettable – but when you want to make sure all details are beautifully captured on camera, you really need to make sure you choose the right photographer. How to do that? We have some tips for you – read on and find out more. […]

Don’t Forget to Budget for These Wedding Elements!

Of course, we know very well you have a thousand-and-one things on your “to do” list. However, your wedding budget should never fall last in terms of priority – on the contrary, actually. With wedding prices going up and with this event being really huge in your life, you will definitely want to make sure […]

Tips for choosing gifts for your bridesmaids

What would you do without your superhero ladies, the ones who stood by you throughout the wedding planning process and the ones who will stand by you when you spell out the big “I do”? We bet you want to choose really nice gifts for your bridesmaids – but we also know doing this can […]

Add some sparkle to your wedding

A bit of sparkle never hurt anyone, right? Of course, when it comes to a wedding, we all know just a tad of glitz is more than welcome – but how do you actually incorporate it in a tasteful and stylish way? We have some tips and ideas for you – so read on if […]

Keep in Mind These Wedding Etiquette Tips

We know wedding etiquette is not even by far as huge as it used to be – but even so, there are still at least some rules that make sense today (and should be followed by all those who want to make sure nobody at their wedding will be offended in any way). What are […]