Planning a Traditional Wedding? You Can Never Go Wrong with a White Cake!

If you are a bride who wants to have a traditional, elegant wedding, you definitely want to keep things as classy and timeless as possible. From the colors you choose for your wedding décor to your wedding gown’s design, it is more than likely that most of the wedding elements you’re planning will be quite simple and conventional.

Should you choose a white wedding cake, though? Are they really that outdated? We have some ideas to help you bring the classic white cake in 2017/2018 – so read on if you need some inspiration.

  • Green and white. This is absolutely perfect for a spring bride, precisely because it emanates a lot of energy and freshness. Decorate your white wedding cake with greenery and it will look absolutely marvelous for an outdoor wedding!
  • White on white. Want to keep your wedding cake looking well-polished and elegant, but still want to add a dash of uniqueness to it? Settle for a white cake with a white icing design (swirls, stripes, circles, Art Nouveau-inspired patterns, and so on). It will look so simple, yet so beautiful and special!
  • White and luxurious. Planning a very fancy affair, or something inspired by the gorgeousness of the Roaring Twenties? Settle for a white wedding cake and decorated it with luxury elements – such as lush white feathers, a very elegant cake plate, and so on. It will steal your guests’ hearts in a second!

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