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Engagement Ring Insurance Tips Everyone Should Know

You may have your favorite pieces of jewelry, and you definitely love wearing them and taking care of them – but truth be told, none of your accessories will ever be equal with your engagement and wedding rings. After all, these pieces go beyond just fashion – they are true statements of love and commitment, […]

Engagement photos are beneficial to take, be sure not to miss out on yours!

Now that the diamond ring is on your finger and you are looking forward to the Big Day, you should definitely capture these special moments in a professional photo shooting. Why is that? Why is it that so many couples choose to have professional engagement photos taken before the Big Day? We have gathered some […]

Wedding invitations are the first glimpse of your wedding; prepare them with ease by following these tips:

Your wedding invitations are an essential part of the wedding planning process – so making sure everything about them is flawless can be very important for the success of your Big Day. How to prepare your wedding invitations in an easy and mistake-free way? We have gathered some of the basics you should know about […]

These wedding ceremony traditions are a great way to symbolize unity!

Your wedding ceremony is not just a formality. It is a symbol of your love and commitment – and it should speak about you as a couple and about the hopes you have for the future. From the songs you choose for this perfect moment to the flowers you decorate the aisle with, everything at […]

Make sure you know how to give the best wedding toast!

Giving a wedding toast is a huge honor for anyone – but it should also be seen as a huge responsibility. While a well-delivered toast has the power to lift up the mood of the guests, a poorly-written and sloppy speech can have the exact opposite consequence, making people feel down and even irritated. How […]

Thinking about hiring a wedding planner? Be sure you ask these questions before booking them!

We all know how planning a wedding can put a toll on you and how it can be one of the most stressful times in the life of a bride or groom-to-be. And we also know that hiring a wedding planner can be extremely helpful and at times a necessity, when it comes to planning […]

Personalize your wedding with these unique ideas!

Your wedding ceremony is one of the most special and unforgettable moments of your entire life – so it is only natural that you want it to be personal, unique and truly infused with your amazing love story. How to fully personalize your ceremony and make it original and memorable for everyone there? We have […]