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This Unique Guestbook Idea Will Charm Everyone at Your Wedding

Having a guestbook is not absolutely mandatory – especially not today, when few wedding etiquette and tradition-related elements are compulsory. However, a wedding guestbook can be a very nice addition for someone who is sentimental and who wants to make sure they will remember their Big Day in a genuinely magical way. So, what is

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A bar will add uniqueness to your wedding

All brides and grooms want their wedding to be really unique. After all, love stories are unique themselves – and weddings should mirror the specifics of each couple’s relationship in a beautiful, candid and romantic way. Adding a special wedding bar to your Big Day is a really great idea if you want to personalize

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Your wedding seating should be pronounced in a creative way

Every small detail of the Big Day can make a huge different – and not only in terms of how you feel, but also in terms of how the guests feel at your wedding. Of course, seating them correctly is one of the absolute essentials you shouldn’t skip when planning the wedding – but how

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