What is the Maximum Your Bridesmaids’ Dresses Should Cost?

Your bridesmaids deserve to look amazing on your wedding day – but that doesn’t mean they have to spend a small fortune on the dresses. On the contrary, actually – as the bride, you should try to keep their dresses in the lower price range, so that all of the ladies can afford them.

What is the maximum price you should allow for your bridesmaids’ dresses? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Talk to them. Yes, we know it can be really tough to open a money-related discussion, especially when you are not the one to pay for the dresses – but an open talk is a lot better than not talking at all. Be honest and straightforward: ask your bridesmaids how much they would be comfortable to pay for the dresses.
  • Still feeling awkward about popping this kind of delicate question? Pick three different price ranges and ask your bridesmaids which one would work the best for them. You can find amazing-looking dresses in all price ranges possible (even in the $100-$200 range!) – so you can rest assured that, whatever the bridesmaids pick, they will still look great on your wedding day.
  • Extra tip: try to choose dress designs that are easy to wear on other occasions as well, especially if you finally decide for a higher price range. Offering your super-ladies the option to wear the dress again will make the price tag feel a little less heavy on their pocket.

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